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Many ask, “How do I recycle or DONATE LEGOs?”

Updated: July 10th of 2019

Just donate your used LEGOs to us (mixed up or in sets),
and we will make sure they are reused!

  • Step #1

    Put Lego pieces in a plastic bag or bags. No need to sort.

  • Step #2

    Put in a box and tape well, and send by FedEx Ground or UPS Ground.

  • Step #3

    More tips can be found here. Let us know how you found us if you want. Thanks.

  • Step #4

    You plan on sending some Legos click the circle above to let us know

Brick Recycler shipment address
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Future Generations thank you!

Click here to read the incredibly inspiring donation story of a kid named Taylor!

Brick Recycler superman - Donate Legos

YES, we are still actively accepting new and used LEGO Ⓡ toy donations, and need more pieces to Donate LEGOS now. Our shipping address is current but may change in late 2020, so just refer to this website for our current address. Please help us by mentioning this website in blogs, Facebook, etc. We really need to spread the word. Thanks so much. It really makes a difference.

We have many more requests for LEGOs than we can fill right now.  And we receive new one-time requests constantly.  One request is from someone in the army, stationed in Honduras. We will be sent him some Legos for the troops and local kids to enjoy. Another example is many pounds of used pieces to bless children at an orphanage in Zimbabwe. Will are collecting many more for them too. We also teamed up with Compassion International to help children in Brazil, sent toys to children in Flint Michigan, and provided building supplies to a nonprofit science program for teens.

We also packed up a huge box to send to war torn regions of the world. There is a strong need for educational toys in these areas, and Lego pieces are perfect. Many will go to blind and refugee children. We also sent 200 pounds to families that lost their possessions in the devastating fires in Northern California. Organizations we worked with set up “free centers” letting families pick what they wanted. So, we urge everyone to donate Legos for a good cause.

Another example of how we try to help is the work we’ve done with the “Build Your Journey” program through Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City is another example. This program was an inspiration by, Donald, a young leukemia patient. He recently beat this deadly disease and instantly had a deep desire to help other kids that are still in the battle.

His dream is that kids would receive a small set every time they undergo treatment, or take a step toward recovery, since the process is so difficult. accepts donations of new and used loose LEGO bricks, figures, and sets. Simply put them in a bag, then in a box, and ship to us via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground. It’s as simple as that! Before you donate Legos, you should read some more packing tips here.

Did you know LEGO pieces are not marked with the recycling symbol and are a mixture of “Type 7 Plastic” (ABS) and other materials? If you dump them in your recycle bin your city will need to sort them out, and then just dump them in the landfill.

Unfortunately, most thrift shops end up dumping these unless they are in complete sets in the original box. Many other nonprofits don’t know what to do with mixed up pieces.

We carefully sort LEGO brand pieces to match the type of pieces with what happens to be needed at the time (e.g. wheels, space themed, robotics, architecture, Star Wars, etc.). We prepare them to make them available to kids and clubs who can enjoy the thrill of these pieces for the first time, or find those “missing pieces” they are longing for. Children can create just about anything out of random pieces, whether it’s a car or truck, a simple frame in the shape of a rectangle, or an amazing DYI invention or elaborate sculpture. Make room under your kid’s bed, declutter, upcycle, recycle, and spare the environment all in one!

We Donate Legos and shipped off over 130 lbs for kids in Haiti!

Watch the video on YouTube for the awesome Hope for Haiti drive for Donating LEGOs.

Organizations we have worked with to donate Legos

Here are some other organizations we have worked with to help them spread the love of learning and building, by finding the parts they need, when they need them.

  • Help One Child and Compassion (for foster children)
  • Countless Children’s Organizations
  • Orphanages in Mexico and Honduras
  • Hands of Hope (for Zimbabwe orphanage)
  • Camp Opportunity (for at risk kids)
  • Dozens of Clubs
  • Many of children and adult “artists and architects”
  • World History Classes
  • A short film
  • Children with Autism
  • Schools serving very underprivileged children


Thank You Note - Brickrecycler
underprivileged kids smile and play with donated Legos
Thank you card - Brick Recycler
Thank you for donating Legos - Brick Recycler
Turning Used Lego pieces into new sets for Build Your Journey
There is no need for you to do any special sorting by color, etc, but it’s helpful to take out non-Lego items. Thanks for making a difference by passing these on to future builders. Please help spread the word to others by linking to our site, or “Liking” us on FaceBook.
We bought some brand new Disney Princess Friends sets to send to an orphanage in Honduras from Amazon at 40% off list. We are planning on doing the same for the Marine’s Toys For Tots, and Sleep Trains’ toy drive for foster children. Last year we donated a large amount of school supplies for foster children via Sleep Train.
We get requests constantly. Here is just one example of one recent request:
“Hi Brick Recycler, I used to be on the Board of a local non-profit that services most of the schools in Providence, RI.  They have an after school Science Program and they are in desperate need of LEGOs for one of their projects.”
Many teens have developed leadership skills by organizing a local Lego drive, and sent the pieces to us. That’s wonderful. We would like to spread the word that we fully support this.

Ninjago Summer 2015 JANGBRICKS - Donate Legos to BrickRecycler

JANGBRiCKS helped us out so much with the following donation. These were sold to buy brand new sets for kids with Leukemia! Donations of complete sets and mixed pieces are wonderful!

Ninjago Summer 2015 JANGBRICKS - Donate Legos

Ninjago Summer 2015 JANGBRICKS – Donate Legos

If you are a 501(c) corporation and need LEGOs, let us know. LEGOⓇ and the LEGO logo, are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies. ©2015. Thank you for making a difference by reusing the one of the world’s most popular toys. We accept donations from all over the US: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts,Connecticut, Pennsylvania, etc! All states. So whether you are in LA, Chicago,Houston, San Diego, Houston, Phoenix, or even Weed, California, we can use your pieces. We can pay for shipping if sent by a ground service. We are not registered as a nonprofit organization yet. Our goal is to make use of these wonderful toys, and giving to nonprofits or individuals or selling, providing great outlets for using these. Legos are not recyclable so please don’t simply throw them away, donate to a thrift that cannot use them, or simple “store them forever”. Thanks for helping.



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