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December 14, 2018

Billions of Used Legos Need New Homes for the Holidays

The Lego Group has produced over 600 billion wonderful Lego pieces since they started in 1949, but unfortunately billions of them are sitting in closets and basements worldwide, not being used. is an environmental organization that was formed to help solve that problem. Lego: bricks, mini figures, tires, robotics, etc. can’t be recycled in the traditional sense, since no curbside recycling program in the US can process them. This is because small pieces of ABS plastic is extremely difficult to process, and Lego sets also contain a wide variety of materials including metal, magnets, small batteries, etc.

This means, unless these precious toys are passed on to future generations, billions of pieces will end up in landfills. That is so painful to imagine, not just because they never biodegrade, but because instead they could bring joy to so many. The smiles and laugher of kids playing with Legosis so heartwarming. The good news about the amazing durability and quality of these pieces is that they can be reused for many, many generations.

Brick Recycler has given millions Lego pieces new homes since they started in 2011. Donated Lego pieces end up in hands of schools, Lego clubs, libraries, orphanages, Lego enthusiasts, and countless other organizations that would love to have many pounds of these precious toys to enjoy daily. Through the help of countless donors, tens of thousands of smiles have been created, and millions of pieces have been saved from landfills.

There are far more requests for Legos than donations received, so a lot of work still needs to be done to spread the word. Most people don’t know what to do with Legos, and so many thrifts just dump them if they aren’t complete sealed sets because they are hard for them to sell.


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