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We are happy to pay for ground shipping of standard sized LEGO pieces (not the preschool Duplos, offbrand, or Bionicles/Hero Factory), if shipped from the US by either FedEx Ground or UPS Ground (USPS may be more expensive) as long as the box contains more than 15 lbs of Legos (shipping costs are about the same for a 30 lb box as a 15 lb box, so try to combine as much as you can).  Keep the overall weight under 70 lbs though.We are able to pay for shipping since we can sell a few of the collectible pieces.

If you need reimbursement we can provide this one of two ways if you are sending at least 15 pounds per box:

  • Best way since we get cheaper rates: We can email you a prepaid FedEx Ground label if you email us the following:
    1. Your Name
    2. Your full address (or address of the FedEx Store from which you will ship).
    3. The dimensions of the box (or boxes).
    4. The approximate weight of each box including the box.
  •  Or you can email us a copy of your shipping receipt, with your name and address. We will send you payment by PayPal after receipt and processing. Let us know your PayPal email, It’s best not to include a note requesting reimbursement inside the box, since there might be a delay in opening the box depending on how busy we are.

For packing hints, see our Lego Packing Tips page. We do accept local drop offs too, 7-5 pm, M-F. Just leave in the lobby on the right hand side by the wall.

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