Donate Recycle LEGOs

Any day can be “Earth Day”, not just April 20th. Declutter your home, save the environment, and spread joy all at the same time! accepts mixed up or complete LEGO sets and pieces (bricks, figures, etc), and matches them with kids that will use, cherish, and learn from them. did a study, calling over 40 thrift shops, libraries, and charitable organizations throughout the US and found most thrift shops do not take mixed LEGO pieces.

We also called every curbside recycling center covering the top 30 metro areas in the US. Unfortunately LEGOs are not recyclable by these centers for a variety of reasons, including:

  • contain ABS and mixed plastics
  • don’t contain any recycling symbols
  • are not considered “containers”
  • are “toys”
  • are far too small to be mechanically sorted
  • some may include: electrical elements, batteries, or magnets.

Simply send your used pieces in good condition to the address above. Packing tips can be found here. even donated hundreds of pounds to mutiple organizations, including Haiti children, orphans in Zimbabwe, LEGO clubs, etc. They can pay for your postage if need, and you ship by ground, as long as you are in the US! Pretty cool!

Boy Scout, Girl Scout troops, teens, and schools have used collecting LEGOs as a great community service project too! Wow, you can help people declutter their homes, pass awesome toys on to multiple future generations, and save the environment.  This is an example of “Pay it Forward” to the max!

Yes, is still accepting donations of new and used Lego pieces (complete or not). This will continue throughout 2015, 2016, and 2017 at least.

If you are a 501 (c)(3) organization that desperately needs Legos, please contact us at the email above as well. Thanks for spreading so much joy!

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